Aa Week is filled with activities that begin with the letter Aa.  Students sort A and a, blend /a/ words, look for A and a in their names, have an apple taste test, and more!

The dramatic play area is turned into an animal hospital, complete with a check-in desk, a waiting room, and an examining room.  The examining room is filled with medical tools and supplies for the students to use, and the students can “feed” the animals animal food (brown pompons) by scooping the “kibble” into the bowls.  Later on in the week, the students are invited to bring in their own “patients” (stuffed animals) from home!

To keep the dramatic play area interesting, I add different things and/or change things out every day of the week.  I add animal masks and tails, animal hats, and animal x-rays and a light box (both from Lakeshore Learning) for more opportunities to explore the theme.

During our workshop time, activities are all related to the letter Aa.  I add plastic/rubber animals during sensory play, and they get to play with animals and do alphabet activities during workshop time.